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Entry test

A short Entry test ensures that each pupil is allocated a Mental Arithmetic book that is appropriate for his or her ability.

Getting started

The I can do maths Entry tests are made up of a range of differentiated questions, adapted for each key stage, to enable an accurate assessment of each individual pupil's level of numeracy. Administering the Entry test is the first step in implementing the I can do maths teaching method and creating a personalised curriculum for each pupil.

I can do maths Entry tests, Marking keys, Group record sheets, instructions and teacher's notes are available to download for free or can be found in the Schofield & Sims First Mental Arithmetic Teacher's Guide and Mental Arithmetic Teacher's Guide.

The following interpretation tables will enable you to determine which First Mental Arithmetic or Mental Arithmetic books pupils should be given based on their score in the appropriate Entry test.

First Mental Arithmetic Entry test interpretation table

Entry test Entry test total score Schofield & Sims First Mental Arithmetic book
A 0-15 Book 1 (blue)
A 16-30 Book 2 (light green)
A 31-45 Book 3 (orange)
B 0-15 Book 4 (purple)
B 16-30 Book 5 (pink)
B 31-45 Book 6 (turquoise)

Mental Arithmetic Entry test interpretation table

Entry test total score Schofield & Sims First Mental Arithmetic book
16-30 Book 1 (dark green)
31-50 Book 2 (blue)
51-70 Book 3 (light green)
71-90 Book 4 (dark blue/purple)
91+ Book 5* (orange)

* Pupils who score more than 90 on the Entry test should be asked to work on Book 5 for at least a few weeks - so you can ensure that they are comfortable with all the concepts covered. Those whose high scores continue for a period of a few weeks or longer should be promoted to Book 6 (grey).

Every pupil should have done his or her best in the test and it is crucial that you celebrate achievement at whatever level it occurs. This is a fundamental part of creating an I can do maths culture within your school.

Entry tests can also be used, together with Diagnostic checks, to assess new or struggling pupils and to raise the standard of their work.

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