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Teaching method

I can do maths is a structured, whole-school teaching method based on daily maths practice sessions using Schofield & Sims Mental Arithmetic books.

There are three key elements to the I can do maths teaching method:

  1. Initial assessment - pupils complete an Entry test to determine which Mental Arithmetic book is appropriate for their level.
  2. Daily practice - pupils spend a short amount of time between Monday and Thursday working on their allocated Mental Arithmetic book so that by Friday they have each completed one full test.
  3. Group marking sessions - at the end of the week, pupils working on the same Mental Arithmetic book come together in cross-year groups for an intensive and interactive teaching and marking session.

Watch the short video to learn more about each of the above components and to see I can do maths in action at Sunnyside Primary School.

To maximise the success of I can do maths in your school, it is recommended that the following provisions are in place prior to use:

  • daily teaching of maths basics by all staff
  • agreed whole-school methods for teaching the different maths operations
  • classroom resources appropriate for each pupil's age and ability: for example, multiplication squares and number squares (see Maths Facts downloads).

More information on how to implement the I can do maths teaching method using Schofield & Sims Mental Arithmetic can be found in the I can do maths Teacher's Guide, which also contains assessment copymasters and the documentary film: 'I can do maths' in practice.

Teachers Guide

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The I can do maths Teacher's Guide explains how Schofield & Sims' Mental Arithmetic books can be used in schools as a scheme of work, highly effective in raising attainment levels.

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