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Since the launch of I can do maths in 2007, hundreds of schools around the country have adopted the teaching method to kick-start their own innovative daily mental maths sessions - with outstanding results.

Improvement across the ability range

I can do maths caters for all pupils across a wide spectrum of ability levels. Its highly differentiated approach helps to give structure and rigour to both teaching and learning, providing the daily practice of mathematical concepts that all children need - at a level that's appropriate to each individual.

As a result, all pupils using I can do maths become more numerate, not just the middle achievers. This translates into not only higher scores in the national tests, but also into a better spread of results, with each pupil given the opportunity to reach his or her full potential (see graph below).

Results Graph

'Number happy' at last

I can do maths has a positive effect on not only pupils' levels of ability in maths and their scores in the national tests, but also on their emotional well-being and wider school performance. Continued use of I can do maths using Schofield & Sims Mental Arithmetic books will:

  • develop pupils' confidence and self-esteem
  • promote personalised learning
  • help create a positive learning environment
  • enable pupils to apply their new-found numeracy skills across the whole curriculum
  • boost morale in school among both pupils and staff.

What schools say

The 'I can do maths at ...' case studies feature personal accounts from schools already using I can do maths. In these accounts, teachers explain how they went about implementing the teaching method and describe the improvements that they have seen as a result, both in pupils' performance in the national tests and in the wider school culture.

Supportive parents

Parents like I can do maths because they understand what their children are learning. They can see the improvement in their children's maths achievement, as well as in their all-round personal confidence.

Making maths fun

I can do maths appeals strongly to pupils, who enjoy watching their scores improve and experiencing success in maths - often for the first time. More able pupils love the buzz of stretching themselves and learning more advanced skills, while those struggling with basic numeracy enjoy the fact that it gives them success at the level they need, concentrating on the basic skills that they find so difficult.

All pupils, whatever their ability, look forward to the opportunity to interact with pupils from other classes during the group marking sessions and are motivated by the prospect of receiving a Mental Arithmetic Award certificate.

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