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Meet Andrew Dunn

Andrew Dunn pioneered the I can do maths teaching method while working as headteacher at Coatham Primary School. His aim was to boost pupils' confidence with number and improve their scores in the national tests.

'Number happy' pupils

Working with teachers and support staff at Coatham Primary School in Middleborough, and backed by Redcar and Cleveland Council, Andrew Dunn transformed the way maths was taught and understood by staff and pupils. Drawing on over 20 years' experience as a maths teacher, Andrew realised that in order to experience maths success, pupils need to be 'number happy'. Number happy pupils are pupils who have strong basic skills, together with confidence in their own ability to use and apply these skills.

Success with I can do maths

In 2003 Coatham was recognised as one of the 50 most improved primary schools in England and, in 2004/5, was recognised by Ofsted as being one of the 50 top-performing schools. On average, 85 per cent of pupils reach level 4 at the end of Key Stage 2, whilst around 40 per cent reach level 5.

After a period as Assistant Director for Schools, Improvement and Development with Darlington Borough Council, Andrew is now headteacher at Sunnyside Primary School in Middleborough.

Watch Andrew explain how I can do maths came about and why it has proved to be so effective in raising maths attainment.