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my letters and sounds

We offer training and support to help ease the transition to My Letters and Sounds and support the effective delivery of the programme in schools, all led by an experienced phonics expert.

My Letters and Sounds Training packages

The My Letters and Sounds training programme offers high-quality and affordable sessions for schools that need help implementing the programme, upskilling staff and supporting the effective delivery of the programme.

The sessions listed below can be delivered on separate days (as 1.5-hour twilight sessions) or combined into half-days (3 hours) or full days (6 hours).

Training is always live so that teachers have the opportunity to ask questions. We offer flexibility in terms of whether it is delivered online or in-person. In-person training must be a minimum of 3 hours.

Training sessions

Phonics Subject Knowledge Masterclass (1.5 hours)

  • What is Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP)?
  • The alphabetic code
  • The technical vocabulary of phonics
  • History of phonics and spelling
  • Key research and policy: how did we get here?
  • What is blending?
  • What is reading?
  • What makes a text 'decodable'?
  • What is segmenting?
  • Application of spelling
  • Letter formation and handwriting
  • The role of the teacher
  • The national picture: what is expected of schools?

Introduction to the My Letters and Sounds Progression (1.5 hours)

  • Whole-class versus ability groups
  • Pace and progression
  • Key differences between the My Letters and Sounds and Letters and Sounds progressions
  • Timetable for delivery
  • Phase One - content and representative activities
  • Phase Two - content and representative activities
  • Phase Three - content and representative activities
  • Phase Four - content and representative activities
  • Phase Five - content and representative activities
  • What next? Supporting Year 2 children who have not achieved the expected standard in the Phonics Screening Check

The My Letters and Sounds Resources and Teaching Sequence (1.5 hours)

  • What is included in My Letters and Sounds?
  • Introducing the My Letters and Sounds teaching sequence
  • Why this method is used
  • The importance of a multi-sensory approach
  • Introduce
  • Revisit and review
  • Teach
  • Practise
  • Apply
  • Assess - introduction to ongoing (formative) assessment

Implementing My Letters and Sounds in Your School (1.5 hours)

  • How to teach a My Letters and Sounds Phonics Lesson
  • Using the My Letters and Sounds Phonics Readers
  • Assessment in My Letters and Sounds
  • Supporting children identified as being at risk of falling behind
  • Online delivery of My Letters and Sounds
  • Parental involvement
  • Phonics leadership
  • Opportunities for further training and support


Prices for the various training session combinations are listed below. For in-person training, the trainer's reasonable travel and (where applicable) accommodation expenses will be added to the advertised price.

Online In-person
Twilight (1.5 hours) £125 n/a
Half-day (3 hours) £250 £400
Full day (6 hours)* £450 £720
Optional follow-up sessions £100 n/a
Bespoke training POA POA

*A 10% discount is given for full day (6 hour) sessions.

Follow-up Sessions

We offer two optional follow-up sessions, which will take place at an appropriate point during the first and second/third terms of rolling out the programme. These sessions will focus on troubleshooting and improving impact: the exact focus will be discussed and agreed with schools in advance of the sessions to maximise their value. These sessions will typically take place online and will consist of a discussion between the trainer and the school's Phonics Lead.

  • First term follow-up session (1 hour) (optional), £100
  • Second or third term follow-up session (1 hour) (optional), £100

Bespoke Training and Support

If schools require additional support, they are invited to contact Schofield & Sims to arrange bespoke training or support packages. This may include the following:

  • Leading phonics
  • Involving parents
  • How Teaching Assistants can provide effective support in phonics lessons

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