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Early Years Foundation Stage Maths

Schofield & Sims resources are written by experienced teachers to support the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum for key stages 1 and 2. Focusing on the core subjects of maths, English and science, many of our books are suitable for whole-school use.

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Get Set Mathematics

Schofield & Sims Get Set Early Years is a comprehensive and engaging early years scheme that aims to bridge the gap between play and formal learning, helping all children to become school-ready by the end of Reception.

Age group: 4 to 5 | Author: Sophie Le Marchand and Sarah Reddaway

Nursery Numbers

Nursery Numbers reinforces mathematical language and early number skills, including matching, sequencing and counting. The books cover concepts including money, shapes and measures, and feature the appealing character of Scamp the dog (also in Nursery Sounds and Pre-Reading Skills).

Age group: 3 to 5 | Author: Sally Johnson

Nursery Activity

The Nursery Activity series is designed to reinforce pre-reading and early numeracy skills through a range of engaging exercises based on colour, shape and number. Each book features the character Eddy the teddy, who also appears in the Nursery Writing series.

Age group: 3 to 5 | Author: Kathryn Linaker