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Nursery Numbers Book 3: Early Years, Ages 3+

by Sally Johnson

Suitable for: Foundation level for ages 3 to 5

ISBN: 9780721718088 | Pages: 32

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Product description for teachers and tutors

Schofield & Sims Nursery Books is a range of colourful and fun workbooks written to help children aged 3 years and above develop the essential skills for life.

Nine write-in books form a structured pre-school programme, providing a range of activities created to help children improve fine motor skills, develop letter recognition and practise subitising.

Designed to be as engaging and varied as possible, the activities include matching, complete the picture, counting, mazes, colouring, letter tracing, odd one out and many more.

Nursery Numbers is a series of graded activity books that reinforce mathematical language and early number skills, including matching, counting, adding and subtracting. The books cover concepts such as money, shapes and measure, and are brought to life by the engaging character of Scamp the dog.

Nursery Numbers Book 3 covers:

  • Numbers to 10
  • Adding more
  • Simple addition using pictures
  • Simple subtraction
  • Comparing quantities (fewer)
  • Counting on and back
  • Number sentences and stories
  • Position words: in front/behind.

Dimensions: 21 x 0.3 x 29.7 cm


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