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Rights and permissions

Using Schofield & Sims text in other publications

If you would like to use an extract from a Schofield & Sims publication in a publication of your own, whether in print or in electronic format, please complete the Permissions Request Form at least two months before you plan to publish.

Permissions Request Form

Send your completed form to:

Schofield & Sims
7 Mariner Court
West Yorkshire


It may be that you wish to use an item for which Schofield & Sims does not hold the copyright - for example, a poem or a text extract from another work (as found in an anthology or a book containing comprehension texts). In such cases, the Company will not be able to grant you the permission you need. It is possible that Schofield & Sims may be able to direct you to the current rights holder but cannot guarantee this in all cases.

Enlarged text and Braille

If you wish to enlarge a Schofield & Sims text or to reproduce it in Braille for blind or partially sighted people, you do not need to complete the Permissions Request Form. You do, however, need to apply in writing, with full details of what you wish to do and why.


Unless otherwise indicated, you may not photocopy Schofield & Sims workbooks since these are not included under the licences issued by the Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd.

Selected pages in books of answers, teacher's guides and teacher's resource books may be photocopied, but only where this is clearly stated. The photocopies may only be made after purchase of the book, and are for use within your school or institution only.

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Free delivery on all UK orders over £30.

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