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What a laugh!

by Carol Matchett

Suitable for: Foundation level for ages 3 to 5

ISBN: 9780721711096 | Pages: 16

What a laugh!

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Product description for teachers and tutors

The Daisy Lane Home-School Readers are lively stories for adults and children to enjoy together. Written to support the Foundation Stage curriculum and the Reception year objectives in the National Literacy Strategy, every book includes stimulating ideas for reading activities which will guide and inspire you as you use the story to nurture children's early literacy skills.

The Daisy Lane Home-School Readers for Young Children are designed for children aged four and five, who are starting to read independently. In this book, the toys tell funny jokes.

The Sound Stories:

  • are gentle fantasies about the antics of children's toys and pets
  • develop early phonological awareness and sound-symbol relationships using rhyme and alliteration
  • support phonics teaching as advocated by ‘Letters and Sounds’
  • fire children’s creativity and imagination.


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