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Super Jumbo History of the Planet Earth Poster

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Suitable for: Key Stage 2 level for ages 7 to 11

ISBN: 9780721712024

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Product description for teachers and tutors

The super jumbo version of this incredible poster tells the history of our planet through a timeline of geological ages. Details on how the earth has changed over time are also given, with descriptions of the four main geological periods (Precambrian, Palaeozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic) and the evolution of plants and animals. Creatures and living things are divided into the categories: eubacteria; cyanobacteria; archea; eukaryotes; fungi; invertebrates; plants; chordates; mammals. The development of each category is illustrated by an annotated strip of colour, changing thickness to indicated dominance.

Dimensions: 84 x 119cm


3 stars 3 stars 3 stars

The best poster of history of planet earth so far... but it lacks many things about life. As the poster of modern civilizations does, I think this map should be only with relevant information and events, and no explanations at all (or a very, really, shortened ones). You can simply search on the internet for the concept, and have a great summary and explanation in your hands. But having it all summarized in a visual/taxonomic way is the key. It would be cool if more graphs where added just above "mountain building periods" and "climate". Examples: - Mass extinction rate / years - Relevant events (volcano eruptions, meteorite hit, joint-disjoint of continents, other migration hipothesis, etc) And also, a dedicated tree of life for humans (from sahelanthropus tchadensis to homo sapiens, it could include some relevant pictures of skulls found).

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