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My Letters and Sounds Phase Five Readers

The My Letters and Sounds Phonics Readers are exciting, fully decodable stories that perfectly match the progression of the My Letters and Sounds SSP programme. Phase Five Readers introduce 18GPCs as well as tricky words ‘love’, ‘looked’, ‘oh’, ‘people’, ‘their’, ‘your’, ‘Mr’, ‘Mrs’, ‘asked’, ‘called’, ‘could’, ‘would’, ‘should’, ‘our’, ‘here’, ‘house’, ‘mouse’, ‘water’, ‘want’, ‘who’, ‘whole’, ‘where’, ‘any’, ‘many’, ‘two’, ‘school’, ‘work’, ‘different’, ‘thought’, ‘friend’, ‘through’, ‘once’, ‘eye’, ‘laughed’, ‘because’, ‘beautiful’, ‘hour’, ‘parent’, ‘shoe’, ‘move’ and ‘improve’. In Phase Five, the non-fiction texts include more sophisticated non-fiction devices, such as fact boxes and simple diagrams. Many of the non-fiction texts in this Phase also include photographs.

Age group: 5 to 7 | Author: Clare Helen Welsh, Isabel Thomas, Hawys Morgan

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Free delivery on all UK orders over £30.

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