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World History Timeline Poster

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Suitable for: Key Stage 2 level for ages 7 to 11

ISBN: 9780721709413

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Product description for teachers and tutors

Although it is impossible to show everything that has happened in history on one poster, this one shows the rise and fall of the great empires and nations throughout history, from 3000BC to 2000AD. It is arranged by continent, and where possible, continents that are next to each other on the globe are next to each other on the chart, and each continent has a limited colour range, making it easily identifiable. Beneath the main chart is a timeline of important events and personalities in the past, including kings and queens, politicians, religious and cultural leaders and inventors.

Please note: the World History Timeline Poster is also available in super jumbo size.

Dimensions: 53 x 77cm


5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars

Eric G. Watts, Guelph, ON, Canada
I saw this poster at my good teacher friend Pamella's house. Although I was about 8 feet away, I could immediately grasp the concept of the poster. I was blown away since I only have limited knowledge about cetain aspects of history but I have never seen such a poster that connects the world political changes over time. I watch every history documentary that I can and of course the BBC is the best. (Examples are Time Team , The Museum of Life, and any documentary by Dr. David Attenborough or Gerald Durrell ..I went to his Zoo on Jersey Isl.) Although my background is more science, specifically biology and physiology, I am facinated by the subjects such as anthropology and evolution, as it relates to the culture, wars, music, art etc going on at the same time. This poster showing the "big picture" must have been produced by a very smart person or persons. I cannot wait until I get my own poster to study it in detail. Bravo to Schofield and Sims!! Cheers, Eric G. Watts

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