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Tutor vs. home learning: how to prepare for the 11+

01 February 2024

Tutor vs. home learning: how to prepare for the 11+

Are you preparing your child for the 11+ exam? In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the importance of feeling ready for the 11+ and the different ways to prepare.

Children in some parts of the country take the 11+ exam in Year 6 to get into selective secondary or independent schools. As places at these schools are limited, exams are highly competitive. Being well-prepared can help your child achieve top results and improve their chances of getting into the school of their choice.

Several topics in the exam, such as verbal and non-verbal reasoning, are not taught at primary schools, so many parents choose to either hire a tutor or take an active role in their child’s preparation. Here, we outline the benefits of each approach. 

Using a tutor 

Many parents choose to hire a tutor, because of their specific knowledge about the local exams. Tutors can bring a wealth of expertise and help with children’s motivation and setting goals. Following a tutor’s study schedule can help keep your child feeling calm and confident. Tutors are also skilled in using effective teaching methods that specifically address the unique challenges of the 11+.

When considering options for tutoring, it’s important to weigh up tuition centres versus private tutoring. Tuition centres often provide instruction in small groups, promoting learning in a team, while private tutoring offers personalised one on one sessions tailored to individual needs. Before selecting a tutor, we recommend checking their qualifications and reviews to ensure their effectiveness.

Taking charge of your child’s learning 

On the other hand, some parents prefer to support their child’s 11+ preparation themselves. For families with a busy schedule, parent teaching provides you with the flexibility to plan your child’s learning and respond to their individual requirements. Parent teaching also offers a more affordable way of preparing for the exams. All Schofield & Sims 11+ resources are written by tutors, so that you can be confident that your child is benefitting from expert advice and guidance at every stage. 

The hybrid approach

While there is no right way to prepare for the 11+ exam, many families find themselves adopting a hybrid approach. Combining teaching from a tutor with additional learning at home will provide a child with all the necessary tools for success. By reinforcing what a child has already learnt with their tutor, preparation at home helps to consolidate their knowledge, so that it becomes firmly embedded. 

Using our 11+ resources

Whether you choose a tutor-led, parent-led, or hybrid approach, our 11+ resources can help with your child’s 11+ journey. 

Building early knowledge

Our 11+ Study and Practice Books are perfect for building knowledge of the four subject areas (verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, and English and maths) during the early stages of preparation. These resources gradually introduce 11+ concepts and feature child-friendly explanations with real-life examples, all of which help children build their knowledge and confidence.

Little and often 

Children taking the exam sometimes find it hard to stay motivated, especially as many start preparing around a year in advance. For many children, adopting a ‘little and often’ approach works well. Our 11+ Rapid Tests, are great for practicing exam-style questions without overwhelming children. These brief, targeted tests work well as part of a manageable and efficient study routine that suits your child’s schedule. 

Developing confidence

The 11+ Progress Papers and 11+ Practice Papers are excellent for developing exam-style techniques and building time-management skills as your child nears their exams. Questions in the 11+ Progress Papers increase in difficulty throughout the series, providing a clear measure of progress. The 11+ Practice Papers closely resemble the real tests to provide familiarity with the actual experience of the 11+ exams.

Explore our 11+ range

Whether you’re just starting your 11+ journey or are looking for additional support before the exams, discover our range here. For advice on which books are best for your child, simply call 01484607080, email, or purchase directly via our website.


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