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Save time while teaching phonics with our Classroom Kits

14 December 2023

Save time while teaching phonics with our Classroom Kits

In 2022, we launched My Letters and Sounds, a systematic synthetic phonics programme to guide teachers through the challenges of teaching phonics from Reception to Year 1. Now, we’re thrilled to introduce the all-new Classroom Kits.

Do you spend hundreds of hours photocopying and printing your phonics resources? Explore our newly upgraded Classroom Kits, featuring over 1,000 colourful teaching and learning resources. Split into separate Kits for Reception and Year 1, these resources can save your staff precious time and provide endless ways to engage your class during phonics lessons.

Transforming the classroom

A vibrant classroom can stimulate creativity and engagement. Our full-colour, My Letters and Sounds Friezes, Sound Mats, and Writing Letters Poster can transform your learning environment by bringing a burst of energy and colour.

Asset 2 White

A multi-sensory approach 

Incorporating multi-sensory activities is an effective way to reinforce a child’s grasp of phonics. The Classroom Kits are designed with this in mind, offering bright and tangible reusable resources. For early-stage readers, the large shapes and pictures on the Mnemonics flashcards act as vital memory aids to help them learn grapheme-phoneme correspondences (GPCs).

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Making phonics learning interactive

The My Letters and Sounds kits make phonics learning fun and memorable. Children can learn through hands-on activities, such as posting Word Cards and Grapheme Cards through the Tog Posting Box or writing on the wipe-clean Phoneme Frames. Incorporating competition or collaboration with the resources also adds an element of excitement, motivating children to actively participate in learning.

Asset 4 - WhiteReducing printing and photocopying 

Teachers and support staff save valuable time and money by using the readily available resources within the kits, sparing them the need to create bespoke materials. Crafted from high-quality, durable laminated card, the kits can withstand regular use. Since teachers can use them across multiple classes, they are a less expensive option than reprinting.

Keeping the classroom organised

In the busy world of teaching, it’s important to stay organised. With the help of the Classroom Kits, teachers can streamline lesson planning and reduce clutter. As all resources are packaged within a free Storage Bag, they can focus more time on teaching effectively. 

Explore our Classroom Kits now

If you’ve already purchased books from the My Letters and Sounds programme and would be interested in seeing inspection copies of resources from a Kit, please email to request some free samples.

Alternatively, if you’re just starting to explore the My Letters and Sounds programme, you can request a free information pack, on how it works, the benefits and how it can improve phonics education in your classroom.

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