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New - British History Timeline poster

30 March 2011

New - British History Timeline poster

 Supporting the history curriculum from Key Stage 2 onwards, the stunning and highly informative British History Timeline poster helps pupils to understand the sequence of events that have shaped Britain as we know it today. It also helps them to view contemporary events and concerns in a wider perspective.

Meeting admirably the momentous challenge of covering hundreds of thousands of years of history from the Stone Age to the present day, this portrait-page poster is divided into the following sections.

an easy-to-read narrative description of all the major events of British history, with a section on each of the key ages and royal houses. One key event in each period is highlighted for quick reference, together with the date.

Law and war
an outline of the challenges and conflicts that have faced British society throughout history, and the clashes with other nations from the Romans onwards. The results of these conflicts are summarised and a separate column lists notable battles.

Who, what and when
a lively account of the people of Britain and their origins, struggles and triumphs, with the spotlight on those individuals who have influenced the course of history.

The shaping of our lives
an image-based section picturing nearly 100 people, places or objects of key significance to daily life in Britain through the ages. Detailed captions explain the relevance of each item shown.

Additional features include:

  • a ladder-style timeline, showing clearly the timing of all the the events and periods described.
  • the highlighting of key names and terms that pupils may wish to explore further using the internet
  • a graph showing the growth of the UK population
  • full-colour illustrations throughout.

The poster is available in two sizes – giant (53 x 77cm) or super-jumbo (84 x 119cm). It is heavy-duty and fully laminated, and may easily be wiped clean. It will be a striking addition to your classroom resources.

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