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New - Essential Mental Arithmetic

04 October 2010

New - Essential Mental Arithmetic

For Key Stage 3 maths recovery and a boost in functional maths skills, the Essential Mental Arithmetic series provides differentiated maths questions - approximately 900 per book - that give students the intensive practice they need to achieve numeracy.

A new edition of the bestselling Mental Arithmetic, which delivers outstanding results in primary schools, Essential Mental Arithmetic helps all students to use maths effectively in everyday situations – whether at school, at work or in other aspects of daily life.

This excellent new series comprises six graded workbooks. Its content differs from that of more traditional mental arithmetic materials in that students read the questions themselves, use rough paper for workings out, and write down their answers in the workbook. The series can be used alongside any maths programme.

Every Essential Mental Arithmetic book is divided into three sections, each comprising 12 one-page tests presented in a standard format that students will quickly become familiar with. Each test contains:

  • Part A: 10-12 questions where use of language is kept to a minimum – based on the signs = ,+, −, × and ÷
  • Part B: 10-12 questions using number vocabulary – particularly the language associated with the four signs
  • Part C: 10-12 questions presented in word form as one- or two-stage problems or longer questions.

A useful Language of Maths glossary helps to develop students' number vocabulary. Progress Tests, Results Charts and Check-up Tests help student and teacher to identify gaps in understanding.

Additional materials for teachers include:

  • an entry test, to help you determine the level at which a new student is working
  • separate books of answers (one per student book), for quick and easy marking; these were written for the original Schofield & Sims Mental Arithmetic series but are fully compatible.

Use this reliable series to provide every student with differentiated work that will bring his or her maths skills up to and beyond the standard required - creating a positive learning environment that will develop confidence and self-esteem.

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