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New - First Mental Arithmetic

01 March 2011

New - First Mental Arithmetic

A downwards extension of Schofield & Sims Mental Arithmetic, First Mental Arithmetic helps children to master basic maths through intensive practice at Key Stage 1 and beyond. The series promotes personalised learning and prepares children for full numeracy.

First Mental Arithmetic comprises three workbooks for Year 1 and three for Year 2 – ideal for one-per-term use. The Year 2 books are also suitable for some older children, particularly those struggling with Key Stage 2 Mental Arithmetic

The term 'mental arithmetic' is usually associated with spoken questions. However, children using all Schofield & Sims Mental Arithmetic materials read the questions themselves, use rough paper for workings out, and write down their answers.

Each First Mental Arithmetic Session contains questions that:

• Part A: use pictures or simplified language
• Part B: use maths vocabulary and/or mathematical symbols
• Part C: test use of mathematical concepts.

The language used throughout the series is kept simple, for the benefit of young readers.
and Just facts activities assess particular areas. A glossary develops number vocabulary. Books 4 to 6 contain Achievement charts, enabling children to monitor their own learning.

The separate Answers books accompanying each workbook contain correct answers and photocopiable Group record sheets. The Year 1 books contain additional photocopiable Check-ups.

Use this series to develop children’s maths confidence and to create a positive learning environment in which numeracy will flourish.

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