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New - Handwriting Practice

04 January 2012

New - Handwriting Practice

Two new books from Schofield & Sims will significantly improve children’s handwriting when used regularly. The Handwriting Practice books are compatible with the handwriting schemes most commonly used in schools and encourage children to write neatly, fluently, legibly and fast.

Handwriting Practice 1 focuses on letter formation and Handwriting Practice 2 on joining letters to form words. Both books provide methodical and structured practice pages for children to complete. Simple tips give children the reassurance that they need in order to write correctly, whilst FOCUS points encourage adult helpers to recognise both correct letter formation and common errors.

Further support provided for children includes:

  • starting dots showing where the pencil should first touch the paper - whenever a letter or join is first practised
  • bulldotted or shaded letters and joins, with arrows indicating direction - again, whenever a letter or join is first practised
  • ascender and descender guide lines - given throughout the first book, but gradually phased out in the second.

The workbook format encourages children to take pride in their work and the card covers form a smooth and firm surface for writing on. Occasional illustrations add variety, but never distract from the handwriting work. Handwriting patterns are used sparingly, the main emphasis throughout being on accurate letter formation.

Revision work is included, and each book ends with longer copying activities - some simulating real-life writing tasks and others featuring songs or poems.

A valuable addition to every child’s learning, Handwriting Practice makes perfect.

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