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Prepare to pass the 11+ with Rapid Tests and Progress Papers

18 April 2018

Prepare to pass the 11+ with Rapid Tests and Progress Papers

Preparing for 11+ exams can seem like a daunting process. Schofield & Sims Rapid Tests and Progress Papers build confidence by familiarising children with the key 11+ question types, including those featured in the CEM and GL exams.

The Rapid Tests are short tests that provide children with regular practice of exam-style questions. Each test has a Target time, helping children to become accustomed to answering 11+ questions both quickly and accurately. The design of these books makes them ideal for independent, at-home practice that can be easily slotted in to your child’s schedule. The six books for each subject range from ages 6–12 years.

Rapid Tests are currently available for verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and, as of this month, maths. The newly published Maths Rapid Tests cover the key areas of 11+ maths in both topic-based and mixed tests. Each book contains 36 tests that focus on areas including place value; calculation; measurement; geometry; fractions, decimals and percentages; algebra; and statistics. The tests are also designed to develop your child’s numerical reasoning ability, an essential skill for 11+ maths exams.

For those looking for a similar, quick-fire approach to 11+ English practice, brand new English Rapid Tests are due to publish in July 2018. Following a similar format to the Non-verbal Reasoning Rapid Tests, there are 18 tests in each English Rapid Tests book, each of which focuses on either comprehension; grammar and punctuation; or spelling and vocabulary. The comprehension tests feature engaging texts from a wide range of genres, whilst the topic-based tests will develop the core techniques needed to tackle each question. Example questions are included throughout, showing children how to answer question types that they may not have encountered before.

The Progress Papers, aimed at children aged 9–12 years, are a revision resource that will both consolidate knowledge and build exam technique. They are available in verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, English and maths, all of which have recently been redesigned. Each book contains either six or seven full-length assessment papers that are clearly divided into topics, making it simple to identify areas of strength or weakness. With three books available for each subject, there is a wealth of practice material to ensure all question types are fully understood.

All the Rapid Tests and Progress Papers contain Pull-out answers that allow for quick and easy marking, with explanations and guidance given where necessary. The Progress chart at the back of each book makes recording scores and tracking improvement simple. In addition, there is a range of free online downloads available that accompany these series, including puzzles and sample papers.



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