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Understanding Reasoning: Non-verbal Reasoning

by Rebecca Brant

5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars 5.00 stars (Based on 1 Review)

Suitable for: Key Stage 2 / Key Stage 3 level for ages 9 to 13

ISBN: 9780721712086 | Pages: 96

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Product description for teachers and tutors

The Understanding Reasoning series helps pupils to understand and answer correctly reasoning questions, as found in the 11+, 12+, 13+ and other school selection tests.

The books provide concise explanations and examples of all the question types occurring in the 11+ together with practical workbook-style activities to consolidate learning. The step-by-step explanations are clear and include 'how to' instructions. Intensive practice enables pupils to gain confidence as they tackle each new question type. Correct answers are provided at the back of each book for quick and easy marking.

Non-verbal reasoning activities may be used with all pupils, including those whose literacy skills are poor and those for whom English is a second language.

Question types covered include the following:

  • Identifying shapes and patterns: similarities; analogies; rotations; reflections
  • Missing shapes and patterns: series; repeating and non-repeating patterns; hidden shapes (rotated and complex shapes); matrices (sequences/reflections and rotations)
  • Rotating shapes/patterns: reflections; nets of cubes (opposites/edges/rotated faces)
  • Codes and logic
  • Combined shapes.


5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars

This book is essential for non verbal reasoning. It helps kids that are not naturally able to spot the differences in shapes etc. Excellent revision aid.

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