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Spelling Book 5 (Year 5)

by Carol Matchett

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Suitable for: Key Stage 2 level for ages 9 to 10

ISBN: 9780721712161 | Pages: 46

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Product description for teachers and tutors

Schofield & Sims Spelling is a structured and rigorous programme designed for Key Stages 1 and 2 and also suitable for some older students. Comprising six pupil books and an accompanying teacher’s guide and teacher’s resource book, this comprehensive series builds on pupils’ phonics knowledge while also helping them to understand how word structure and meaning can help them to spell words. Each Spelling pupil book:

  • systematically introduces spelling conventions and revises those already taught
  • explores word structure and the relationship between words of shared origin
  • suggests strategies for remembering common ‘exception words’ (also known as ‘tricky words’)
  • teaches pupils how to monitor and correct their own spelling
  • encourages pupils to write sentences from memory or dictation
  • contains answers to all the questions in the back of the book.

Spelling Book 5 supports the National Curriculum requirements for Year 5 and covers the following topic areas: using further prefixes and suffixes and applying  rules for adding suffixes; spelling words with silent letters; using knowledge of word structure and word origins; learning to spell difficult words (for example, words with unstressed vowels, words with the letter string ‘ough’); learning guidelines for word endings (for example, ‘ary’, ‘ory’, ‘ery’, ‘tion’, ‘cian’, ‘cious’, ‘cial’, ‘tious’, ‘tial’, ‘able’, ‘ible’); distinguishing between homophones and other words that are commonly confused. 

A separate accompanying teacher’s guide, Spelling Teacher’s Guide (ISBN 9780721712185), provides detailed teaching notes that suggest how best to explain and explore each learning point and a separate accompanying teacher’s resource book, Spelling Teacher’s Resource Book (ISBN 9780721712192), contains photocopy masters that support teaching, assessment and record-keeping. A selection of free downloads is also available from the Schofield & Sims website. 




Dimensions: 21 x 0.3 x 29.7 cm


5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars

I have four kids; years 8, 6, 5 and 1. They've been using this series for a long time. It is very helpful and easy to use. Children can work through without support. Thank you Schofield and Sims. Yes I will recommend this book for both parents and teachers.

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