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Complete Comprehension Book 2 (Year 2)

by Laura Lodge

Suitable for: Key Stage 1 level for ages 6 to 7

ISBN: 9780721716466 | Pages: 180

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Product description for parents

Comprising six books of teacher’s notes and photocopiable resources, Schofield & Sims Complete Comprehension is a whole-school programme designed to support children from their first steps in comprehension through to secure ownership and confident application of comprehension skills.

Written by a team of expert authors, the series breaks down the complex process of reading comprehension into separate skills that closely match the curriculum requirements for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Each teaching unit targets one comprehension skill, which is introduced through a modelling session and then practised using test-style questions. Children engage with these skills through captivating texts that have been carefully selected by experienced teachers for each age group and are complemented by a wealth of enrichment activities, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience that encourages reading for pleasure and produces strong and successful readers. 

Each book contains: 

  • Skills guide, providing in-depth explanations for each comprehension skill
  • engaging text passages from a range of genres, including high-quality contemporary fiction
  • Lesson plan for each unit, including a Language toolkit to support vocabulary teaching
  • extensive discussion and enrichment activities to build background knowledge
  • photocopiable Target-skill questions and Mix it up! questions
  • three informal Progress check assessments.

Designed to nurture children’s early comprehension skills, Complete Comprehension Year 2 builds on the skills introduced in Complete Comprehension Year 1 with longer and less familiar texts, and additional practice questions in the photocopiable worksheets for each unit. Pupils will enjoy extracts from authors such as Brian Moses, Tom Percival and Francesca Simon as they explore a variety of fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts. Every text in Complete Comprehension Year 2 is accompanied by illustrations to support children’s understanding and engagement. A selection of free supporting downloads is also available from the Schofield & Sims website, including printable texts and modelling slides for each unit.


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