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Schofield & Sims partners with Forward Arts Foundation for National Poetry Day

23 July 2015

Schofield & Sims partners with Forward Arts Foundation for National Poetry Day

To celebrate National Poetry Day, Schofield & Sims author and poet Celia Warren has created a free assembly plan for schools to adapt and enjoy, on behalf of Forward Arts Foundation.

National Poetry Day is a nationwide festival of poetry and all things poetical. This year’s celebration takes place on Thursday 8th October 2015 and will mark the event’s 21st birthday. Since it was founded in 1994 by William Sieghart, National Poetry Day has engaged millions of people across the country in reading, writing and listening to poetry. This year’s National Poetry Day theme is Light, and in accordance, the organisers are hoping to get everyone from proprietors of power stations and lighthouses to opticians and photographers involved.

Following the success of last years ‘A Time to Remember’ collaborative resource, Schofield & Sims has once more teamed up with Forward Arts Foundation, the charity that co-ordinates National Poetry Day, to produce an engaging assembly resource based on this year’s theme of Light. Written by KS2 Comprehension and A Time to Speak and a Time to Listen author Celia Warren, the resource can easily be adapted for use at Key Stages 1, 2 or 3 and is available to download from the Schofield & Sims website.

As well as providing guidance on writing, researching and performing an assembly on the theme of Light, the resource also offers suggestions for poems to suit different interpretations of the theme. These include works by classic authors, such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Walter De La Mere and Wilfred Owen, as well as contemporary 21st century poets like Jenny Joseph and Mary E Frye. Two poems by Celia Warren herself, ‘When the Sun Shines So Do I’ and ‘My Glow-in-the-Dark Bedroom’ are also included. For those looking for a little more support, an example script is provided at the end of the resource which can either be used directly or adapted to incorporate pupils’ own research and writing.

Many of the poems in the resource appear in the Schofield & Sims anthology, A Time to Speak and a Time to Listen. In addition, several of the poems are out of copyright and are readily available online. Poems that are available online are highlighted in blue and can be accessed by hyperlinks in the resource.

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