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Schofield & Sims publishes new whole-school Spelling series

29 July 2013

Schofield & Sims publishes new whole-school Spelling series

Schofield & Sims is delighted to announce the publication of a brand new spelling series for the 2014 National Curriculum. Ideal for both whole-school use and independent learning, Schofield & Sims Spelling is a structured and rigorous programme designed for Key Stages 1 and 2 that helps pupils become accurate and confident spellers.

Featuring six pupil books and two books for teachers, Schofield & Sims Spelling gives pupils extensive practice using their phonic knowledge to spell words, preparing them for the English grammar, punctuation and spelling tests and encouraging them towards effective spelling for life.

The series builds on pupils' phonic knowledge while also helping them to understand how word structure and etymology can influence spelling. Spelling conventions are systematically introduced so that pupils gradually improve their understanding of regular spellings and learn about the numerous variations in the spelling of particular sounds. Special attention is given to ‘tricky’ and ‘topic’ words with useful strategies suggested to help pupils remember high-frequency exceptions. Regular revision pages use crossword-style clues, cloze and proof reading activities to consolidate learning, while ‘I can’ statements focus pupils on the need to apply their new spelling skills across the curriculum. 

The Spelling Teacher’s Guide and Teacher’s Resource Book together provide a full set of resources to help you plan, teach and assess spelling. Rooted in the 'Teach, Practise, Assess and Apply' model, both books are designed to support the systematic and explicit teaching of strategies, rules, guidelines and patterns to help all pupils make good progress in spelling.

The Spelling Teacher’s Guide provides detailed teaching notes that:

  • suggest how best to introduce each learning point or ‘focus’
  • clarify the detail of the focus and exactly what should be covered
  • recommend ways of modelling, explaining and exploring the focus, to develop pupils’ understanding
  • refer you, where appropriate, to relevant copymasters from the Teacher’s Resource Book 
  • provide you with a dictation sentence, specially tailored to the learning point.

The Teacher’s Resource Book features a range of assessment and record-keeping copymasters, including a bank of dictation tests that assess cumulative learning and resources to support the assessment of spelling in pupils’ independent writing.

To celebrate the publication of Spelling, we're offering one lucky school the chance to win £500.00 worth of books from the new series. Entering is easy; simply tell us which word pupils in your class most commonly misspell, either by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, by replying to us on Twitter using the hashtag #wholeschoolspelling or via our Facebook page. We will be accepting entries until midday on 02/08/13 and will announce the winner that afternoon.

Good luck!

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