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Schofield & Sims to publish revised Maths Progress Papers

17 June 2013

Schofield & Sims to publish revised Maths Progress Papers

Due to an unprecedented level of demand for Schofield & Sims Maths Progress Papers, which were taken out of print in 2000, we are pleased to announce that a revised edition of this series will be available from February 2014.

First published in 1994, the Schofield & Sims Maths Progress Papers provide a series of progressive tests covering more than 80 different mathematical areas, from simple addition and subtraction to congruent shapes and tessellations. Written for 10-12 year olds, the tests were designed to help pupils prepare for the 11+ and other school entrance exams. 

Following a detailed review by an experienced maths consultant, the series has been updated to reflect changes in National Curriculum at Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3, whilst maintaining the distinctly rigorous and varied approach of the original books. The revised Maths Progress Papers will provide ideal preparation for pupils sitting 11+ maths exams, including those exams set by CEM (the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) at the University of Durham.

The new edition of the Maths Progress Papers features the following revisions:

  • questions aligned to the current curriculum for children aged between 10-12 years old e.g. binary notation removed
  • mathematical vocabulary updated to reflect the meta language of new curriculum e.g. ‘mean’ as opposed to average
  • content and context of questions updated to reflect our multicultural society and 21st century mores
  • questions recalibrated for inflation

In addition to the Maths Progress Papers, Schofield & Sims also published Progress Papers in English and reasoning and we anticipate revised versions of these series being available in 2015.

If you have any questions about the Maths Progress Papers or would like to pre order copies of the revised edition please email

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