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Tailored 11+ practice for CEM and GL

29 August 2019

Tailored 11+ practice for CEM and GL

Meet the newest members of our growing family of 11+ resources, 11+ Practice Papers, providing realistic exam practice for both the CEM and GL tests.

As September approaches, thousands of 10-year olds in 11+ areas of the country will be entering the final stages of their 11+ preparation, and beginning to focus on the exam itself. The new 11+ Practice Papers for CEM and GL are therefore a timely addition to the Schofield & Sims 11+ range. Designed to match the style and format of the actual tests as closely as possible, they provide an invaluable opportunity for children to develop their exam technique, while also building confidence and stamina.

Not surprisingly, given the unique formats of the CEM and GL exams, the two sets of practice papers differ significantly in structure. The 11+ Practice Papers for GL and Other Test Providers contain four complete GL-style test papers: one each for English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning. Each of the papers has a time limit of fifty minutes, with the exception of the Non-verbal Reasoning paper, which is split into six, six-minute sections. As in the real GL papers, both the Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning papers include example questions, and, in the case of Non-verbal Reasoning, two practice questions. 

The 11+ Practice Papers for CEM contain two full sets of CEM-style test papers: Test 1 and Test 2. Each of these consists of two separate papers, Paper A and Paper B, with a time limit of forty-five minutes each. Each set of test papers contains a mixture of verbal reasoning (which, in CEM exams, also encompass comprehension), numerical reasoning and non-verbal reasoning questions. As in the real CEM exams, each of the papers is divided by subject into individually timed sections of varying lengths, with the time allowed to complete each section clearly indicated. An untimed example is also provided at the start of each section. In line with past CEM exams, the tests are weighted towards verbal reasoning, with a slightly lower proportion of numerical reasoning and non-verbal reasoning questions in each paper.  

Both sets of papers feature questions presented in a multiple-choice format, where children are required to read the questions in the test paper and then record their answers in a separate multiple-choice answer sheets booklet. A separate answer booklet is also provided for both papers, featuring full explanations of answers and notes for parents. Each set of papers and accompanying booklets is published loose, in a sturdy card folder, allowing you to provide a more realistic test experience.


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