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The 11+ journey starts with the Study and Practice Books

02 June 2021

The 11+ journey starts with the Study and Practice Books

Covering English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning, our 11+ Study and Practice Books are the ultimate introduction to the 11+ and provide a reliable resource for children and parents to refer to throughout their preparation.

Navigating the 11+ can be a challenge, especially for parents and children who are new to selective secondary entrance exams. The ever-changing questions, different exam types and wide variety of 11+ guides and resources may seem daunting. Knowing where to start is key, which is why we have created the 11+ Study and Practice Books, a simple yet rigorous introductory series that will set children on the path to success.

There are four 11+ Study and Practice Books in total, covering maths, English, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. They are designed to give children a thorough understanding of key topics and question types before they move on to practising them under timed conditions. Rather than trying to replicate the questions in any single examination provider, the 11+ Study and Practice Books focus on equipping children with knowledge, skills and strategies that can be used flexibly to tackle questions in a wide range of presentations and variations. This helps children to think in an agile way and to grow confident in their approach to tackling questions, skills that are particularly useful as the 11+ exams constantly evolve.

Coverage of each question type follows the same basic format, consisting of:

  • a clear explanation of the question type, including any definitions, vocabulary and rules children need to know
  • a step-by-step technique for tackling the question type, presented as a worked example with annotations to show working
  • focused practice questions giving children the opportunity to try out the techniques they have just learnt.

The 11+ Study and Practice Books are written in a child-friendly format, with a simple introduction offering helpful background information on the 11+ and a concise summary of how to use the book, as well as subject-specific guidance and tips. Each book features a full-length practice test to be completed by the child once they have worked through the entire book. Answers are provided for every question along with full explanations to further enhance children’s learning. A comprehensive contents page, glossary and index means that the books can also serve as an invaluable study tool for children and parents to refer back to at any point in their 11+ exam preparation.

Take a look inside the 11+ Study and Practice

A selection of sample pages from each of our four books are available to view online. If you would like to order a book, simply call 01484 607080, email or order via our website.

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