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Understanding Maths, English and Science

13 January 2015

Understanding Maths, English and Science

Following the introduction of the new primary curriculum in September last year, Schofield & Sims has published brand new editions of its bestselling Understanding Maths, English and Science study books.

The Understanding series provide a topic-based approach to learning, combining textbook-style explanations with rigorous practice of key subjects. Fully updated to meet the requirements of the new Key Stage 2 Maths, English and Science programmes of study, the books are ideal preparation for pupils who will be sitting the new Key Stage 2 tests in May 2016 and beyond.* 

As with the previous edition, the new books are designed to be used flexibly, either in the classroom, with small groups or individually at home, where pupils can either work through the whole series, or focus on particular topics they may be struggling with.

All books in the series include:

  • An explanation to introduce each topic.
  • Activities to consolidate and revise knowledge and skills.
  • Thought-provoking ‘Did you know?’ facts and information.

The Understanding Maths series includes eight study books, as well as a Practice book providing additional questions on the topics covered in the main series. Particular attention is given to new areas of the curriculum, such as long division, linear sequences and the volume of 3-D shapes. The books also include regular Progress tests and a Final test to track pupils’ development.

Understanding English comprises seven study books and a further Practice book. There is a strong focus on building pupils’ vocabulary and knowledge of technical grammatical concepts and terms, making the series ideal preparation for the new Key Stage 2 English grammar, punctuation and spelling test. Each book also includes a set of ‘Now you try’ activities, such as Beat the spell check, Verb collector and Power read, providing further opportunities for pupils to improve their understanding of topics.

Last but by no means least, Understanding Science features six study books that together cover the whole of the new Key Stage 2 science curriculum, including brand new areas like evolution and inheritance, digestion and the formation of fossils. The books encourage pupils to apply scientific knowledge and understanding to everyday events and processes, and include a glossary of scientific language. The importance of ‘working scientifically’ is emphasised throughout the series, with pupils required to apply investigation skills, such as predicating results, analysing evidence and planning a fair test, when answering questions.

*For pupils currently in Year 6 and preparing to sit national tests this May, old editions of the Understanding study books, based on the outgoing National Curriculum are still available. For information on these books and to purchase copies, please contact David Nesbitt (telephone: 01484 601718; e-mail:

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