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My Spelling Book

28 January 2020

My Spelling Book

Help your pupils to become strong spellers with My Spelling Book, a handy A5 book that allows children to record and learn 15 new spellings each week.

Regular spelling practice is essential for children, not least because confidence in spelling enables them to write more freely and imaginatively. To help support you and your pupils with spelling practice, we have created My Spelling Book, a useful new resource designed to enable children to record and practise spellings.

Perfect for weekly spelling practice, My Spelling Book uses the strategy ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ to help pupils memorise each spelling. A colourful, detachable card bookmark is included at the back of the book, which children can use to cover up spellings while they practise writing them. The bookmark is illustrated with the five strategy steps, meaning that it also serves as a useful reference tool for children as they work through the book.

My Spelling Book contains space for 40 sets of 15 spellings. You’ll find that the statutory word lists for Years 3 to 6 are included for your reference. After each set of spellings, a short writing activity encourages children to use the spellings in context. There’s also space for children to note down any particularly tricky spellings requiring further practice.

Dedicated pages at the back of the book provide space for any adult working with the child to record individualised spelling targets, and to note the child’s progress towards meeting them. The book also includes useful tips for parents and carers about how to help children to practise spelling at home.

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