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Enhance your phonics library with 10 brand-new readers

15 September 2023

Enhance your phonics library with 10 brand-new readers

Arriving this autumn, 10 new Phase Two decodable books will provide some much-needed additional coverage of GPCs in the first nine weeks of phonics teaching.

Are your pupils ready for some extra phonics practice? We at Schofield & Sims have published 10 new Phase Two phonics readers as part of our My Letters and Sounds series. Here’s why you should add them to your library: 

Building confidence with extra phonics practice

Our new readers are ‘Practice’ readers. This means they are designed to provide additional support at crucial junctures in your cohort’s reading journey. At the beginning of Phase Two, extra practice fosters children’s early confidence in their reading skills. Additional practice throughout Phase Two sustains their confidence and ensures all children are ready to progress to Phase Three.

Inspiring new topics

Do you know a budding chef? A big-hearted animal-lover? A space-adventurer in the making? These are the books for you! We’ve chosen topics to capture the imagination of every child. What’s more, these new readers ensure that children are introduced to new genres, such as sci-fi, in Phase Two. By introducing children to different genres, we aim to inspire a deep-rooted love of reading early in their school career. 

Modern design and beautiful illustration

Our readers are thoughtfully designed with the child in mind. The text is written in child-friendly text on a white background with plenty of negative space around it to limit cognitive load. This makes it ideal for children learning to decode. Digraphs are underlined and tricky words are coloured blue so they stand out from the rest of the text. 

Above the text in each reader sits a beautiful illustration. Our illustrators are hand-picked for their ability to spark your child’s imagination with their high-quality, contemporary illustration. In early readers, illustrations provide a key role in supporting children’s understanding of simple texts. As the texts increase in difficulty, children enjoy that they can read books with the feel of real picture books.

Adaptable to other phonics programmes

We design our readers to match our DfE-validated My Letters and Sounds SSP programme (see our Phonics Coverage Chart). However, you’ll also find they can be used alongside other phonics programmes in Phase Two. Use our Phonics Coverage Chart or contact us to check how they can be used together. 

Add them to your library now

Our 10 new readers are in-stock and available to purchase either individually or in a bundle. If you would like to order a book or receive an evaluation copy, simply call 01484 607080, email or order via our website.

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