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my letters and sounds

From friezes to sound mats, My Letters and Sounds includes a wealth of photocopiable and digital downloads to support your phonics teaching.

These ready-to-use resources are organised by phase and type, making it easy to find what you are looking for.

My Letters and Sounds Downloadable resources

The My Letters and Sounds Teacher's Handbooks provide a huge range of photocopiable resources to support your phonics teaching. Larger-format versions of these resources are available to download in the form of weekly Resource Packs. Each pack contains the photocopiable resources needed to teach that week's lesson plans, in order of use.

Digital-only resources are also available to download for each phase, including displays, audio and games to support the lesson plan activities alongside digital assessment resources and record sheets. Answers to all of the Phonics Practice Pupil Books are also provided for adults to monitor progress.